Bitdefender Story

Our Roots


Dacia was a territory in Europe where today lie Romania, Moldova, and parts of Ukraine, Eastern Serbia, Northern Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary and Southern Poland. People living in these lands were called Dacians and were famous for their courage in battles. When they would go to battle, they would carry the “Dacian Draco” – their standard ensign in the form of a dragon with open wolf-like jaws.

The half wolf – half dragon war flag was carried on a pole above the head of a horseman. When the horseman was riding, air entering the hollow mouth opening of the Draco would make a shrill sound, creating the impression that it was alive and dangerous. This would not only encourage the warriors, but also frighten their enemies and help Dacians win the battles.

The Dacian Draco is a symbol that still can be admired on Trajan’s Column in Rome, on the Roman coins of Dacia and on the Arch of Galerius in Thessaloniki.

We continue to carry the standard of our Dacian ancestors as a symbol of courage, determination and victory in our fight against online threats.

Our Brand


A trade of brilliance, data security is an industry where only the clearest view, the sharpest mind and the deepest insight can win — a game with zero margin of error.

Our job is to win every single time, one thousand times out of one thousand, and one million times out of one million. And we do. We outsmart the industry not only by maintaining the clearest view, the sharpest mind and the deepest insight, but by staying one step ahead of everybody else – be they black hats or fellow security experts.

We load the brilliance of our collective mind into our Dacian Wolf brand’s avatar. This brilliance is our super-power and we place it at the core of all our game-changing products and solutions. The luminous Dacian Wolf brand avatar is now on our customers’ side, powered by engineered intuition, created to guard against all dangers hidden in the arcane intricacies of the digital realm.