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GravityZone Security for Storage

Machine learning-based protection for network-attached storage (NAS) and file-sharing systems.

Gravityzone Secutiry For Storage

Secure Shared Storage Systems

The need for greater collaboration in the workplace, along with growing digital transformation, increase the demand on shared storage systems. At the same time, sophisticated and prolific cyber threats require in-depth defense.

GravityZone Security for Storage delivers proven protection for ICAP-compatible file-sharing and network storage systems that is easy to manage.

Capabilities and Benefits

Unmatched Protection

GravityZone Security for Storage leverages Bitdefender’s award-winning security technology and provides multiple layers of defense (including machine learning, heuristics, signatures, and cloud lookup) against known and unknown file-based infections that may be part of zero-day or advanced attacks.

Efficient Management

You can administer Security for Storage from the same central console as other GravityZone solutions, making it fast to deploy and easy to manage. Security for Storage is also highly configurable, so you can quickly define policies and exclusions, set up default actions, create custom reports, and trigger real-time notifications to match your organization’s requirements.

High Availability

The GravityZone platform’s redundant design ensures high availability. Policy-based load balancing across the ICAP servers eliminates single points of failure at the system level, ensuring uninterrupted security and high availability, as configured and controlled by the ICAP client.

Unlimited Scalability

GravityZone’s modular architecture lets you add a virtually unlimited number of ICAP servers on-demand to support the increasing number of scan requests as your organization’s workforce and data grow.

Broad Compatibility

Security for Storage supports Nutanix Files (AFS), Citrix ShareFile, and ICAP-compliant NAS solutions by Dell, EMC, IBM, Hitachi, HPE, Oracle, and others. If your organization has a variety of ICAP-compatible devices, GravityZone can protect your multi-vendor NAS estate from the same deployment, reducing the cost of storage-security infrastructure.

GravityZone Security for Email Architecture

Our solution is 100% cloud-based and easy to deploy. Our policy engine uses multiple AV engines, including static sandboxing of file attachments, and offers a full analysis of inbound and outbound email analysis using unlimited keyword lists.

Bitdefender Email Security Structure


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