Bitdefender Threat Debrief | September 2022

MDR Insights

What are hybrid attacks?

In the last few years, we have seen a dramatic shift in the level of sophistication of cyber attacks, mostly thanks tothe introduction of the profit-sharing business modelfor financially motivated threat actors. Phishing attacks and leaked/weak credentials are still dominating the initial compromise vector, but the number of security breaches caused by vulnerability exploits has doubled in the last year (source: Data Breach Investigations Report 2022). This trend can be explained by the increased popularity of hybrid attacks – a type of attack where the initial compromise is opportunistic and relies on automated scanners but is then triaged by a human operator to determine if it’s worth further development.

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Identity theft victims report long-lasting physical and emotional problems, ITRC says

Identity theft victims can experience a host of emotional reactions when dealing with fraud and other related crimes. According to the 2022 Identity theft Resource Center (ITRC) Consumer Impact Report, more and more victims report suffering from negative feelings or emotions following identity theft.

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What parents need to know about teen ‘dating’ app Yubo

Yubo (formerly known as Yellow) is a social media platform released in 2017. Nicknamed ‘Tinder for teens,’ Yubo allows users to create profiles, share their locations and swipe left or right through other user profiles (just like adults on Tinder), while livestreaming and entering into conversations with strangers, including those who live in their area.

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