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Antivirus for Mac

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  • Absolute antivirus protection against all Mac-related threats
  • VPN included for a fast, anonymous and secure online experience
  • Blocks and removes annoying adware
  • Multi-layer ransomware protection
  • Cross-platform protection that detects and removes malware targeting macOS and threats made for Windows
  • Maximum speed and performance for your Mac
  • Traffic Light browser extension
Existing Customers

Absolute Protection. Designed for Mac.

Best Overall Score. AV TEST March 2020.
The highest overall score, 18 points. The overall score includes Protection (max. 6 pts), Performance (max. 6 pts) and Usability (max 6 pts) categories.









  • 0%
  • 100%
Bitdefender once again scored 100% in the area of Mac anti-malware protection.
Andreas Marx, CEO AV-TEST
PC Mag
A Superlative Mac Protector
PC Mag
December 2021
Bitdefender Total Security is our current Editors' Choice for security mega-suites
PC Mag
A Superlative Mac Protector
PC Mag
August 2020

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Full Feature List


Prevents ransomware attacks

With our newest feature – Safe Files – folders of extreme importance to you will be constantly monitored in order to prevent them from being modified by unauthorized apps. You can add extra folders here at any time to make sure nobody tampers with your valuable files.

Protects your backups

The newly added feature called Time Machine Protection provides improved security and prevents sophisticated malware from encrypting or destroying your backups. Rest assured your files remain yours!

Provides non-stop protection with
Bitdefender Autopilot™

Autopilot handles all your security needs so you don’t need to bother with the nitty-gritty. Once switched on, it combines a series of innovative proprietary technologies to automatically detect and remove any threat, without any negative impact on your Mac’s speed and performance. Turn it on and forget about it.

Ensures Ultra fast scanning

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac offers fast scanning and ironclad protection against malware without slowing you down. Bitdefender is so fast and so discreet, you won’t even know it’s there, working to keep your Mac safe.

Blocks and removes annoying adware

Frees your Mac from annoying adware. Even Macs can pick up intrusive adware programs from the Internet. The new Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac detects and eliminates adware, malicious hijacker programs, unwanted toolbars and other browser add-ons installed with or without your consent.

Scans your Mac with zero negative impact on performance

The new Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac has been designed to work in perfect tune with Mac OSX. It knows how to scan your files so you get the same ironclad protection against malware without any negative impact on your Mac’s speed and performance

Choose the Best Security, and Never Worry Again

Continuous Updates

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is designed to protect you against the most advanced cyber threats on the planet. Continuous updates come with every Bitdefender product, and accelerate the introduction of new features and simplify updating, upgrading and installing Bitdefender security.

Continuous Protection

Our continuous protection service* is designed to save you time and effort, and reduce risk of infections by automatically renewing your subscription. It's a hassle-free way to eliminate any possible lapses of security between subscription periods, therefore ensuring your devices, files and identity are always protected.
*Continuous Protection is an opt-out service that you can turn off any time you want.

Software Requirements


system requirements

Operating System: macOS X Yosemite (10.10) or later

Available free hard disk space: 1 GB free space

Browsers Supported: Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome

*You may install Bitdefender VPN only on devices with macOS Sierra(10.12 or later)

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500 Million
users worldwide

Innovation and a deep passion for security stand at the heart of Bitdefender.

Antivirus for Mac

  • Autopilot improved
  • Traffic Light
  • Absolute protection against all Mac related threats
  • Multi-layer ransomware protection
  • Blocks and removes annoying adware
  • Secures your online experience
  • Maximum speed and performance for your Mac OS
  • Continuous 24/7 cloud-based guard duty
Existing Customers

Bitdefender ANTIVIRUS FOR MAC provides Absolute protection against Mac-related threats. With bitdefender Antivirus for MAC You get the most innovative technologies that predict, prevent, detect and remediate even the latest cyber-threats, anywhere in the world. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac gives you absolute protection with no impact on speed or performance. This powerful solution includes free VPN, anti-ransomware and adware removal features.