BD Soft Launches 2017 Bitdefender Product Line in India

November 17, 2016

BD Software Distribution (BD Soft), the Country Partner for Bitdefender in India announced the launch of 2017 Bitdefender consumer product line in India. Bitdefender customers in India using the product starting from 2015 version may now easily upgrade their solution to the new 2017 version for free.

Earlier this year, BD Soft has successfully introduced a wide range of Bitdefender’s consumer and enterprise products that received highest appreciation from the market. Bitdefender’s advanced malware detection technologies and unique solutions’ architecture make it a top- ranking security brand globally.

With its new 2017 consumer product line for Windows, Mac OSX and Android, Bitdefender takes the lead in the global battle against cybercrime and various threats with innovative features. The latest version of consumer products include cloud and machine learning algorithm to eliminate the threat of ransomware, which is spreading at alarming rates among home users.

Bitdefender’s new consumer product line comes with powerful features such as Parental control, upgraded Device Anti-theft using snap-shots and IP tracking, Online Banking protection, Antiphishing and Antifraud, Password Manager, Secure Browsing and others. The 2017 product line also features Wi-Fi Security Advisor, which assesses the security of networks such as those in coffee shops and airports, and reports on any vulnerabilities. The new Safepay™ feature with Wi-Fi Hotspot protection secures online transactions and keeps precious personal information safe.

Despite many new features, Bitdefender products still run feather-light to preserve system speed and battery life so users can enjoy doing what they love, knowing they are protected.

Bitdefender has made its central portal Bitdefender Central a brand new security hub, which allows users manage their Bitdefender products and protected devices from a single, unified interface. The seamless operations command center takes care of all the devices in the users’ control, allowing users to manage devices if lost or stolen, scan them remotely, check their latest status, optimize their performance, and even request support directly.

Starting with the 2017 generation of Bitdefender consumer products, users can also take photos from any of their Windows or Android devices through Bitdefender Central, which will further help them track any devices that may be lost or stolen.

For MAC users specifically, Bitdefender created Time Machine Protection that prevents anyone from accessing or altering the backups, making sure the users can restore their system even in the event of an otherwise devastating ransomware attack.

BD Software

“Bitdefender’s 2017 consumer line has a strategic advantage against other products, in that it was developed starting with the world’s best security software as a baseline,” said Bitdefender’s Vice President Consumer Solution, CiprianIstrate. “This year, we have made it even better, with a greater level of protection and an extra-light impact on users’ computers.”

Commenting on the launch of Bitdefender’s 2017 consumer product line in India, Zakir Hussain Rangwala, Director of BD Soft, said, “We are excited to launch the updated version of Bitdefender’s consumer products available for both for new and existing customers using 2015 and higher versions of consumer products. BD Soft is now working closely with our channel partners to train their technical and sales teams to make the best out of the new features available in the 2017 consumer product line”.

Apart from single-license solutions, users in India can take advantage of Bitdefender Family Pack for up to 5 and 10 users offered by BD Soft and its channel partners. Bitdefender Family Pack provides unmatched cybersecurity protection for all the Windows, Mac and Android devices that can be managed from a single intuitive web console. This product is designed to keep families safe across platforms and devices.

“Bitdefender is already a well-known brand in India, and with this new line of powerful security solutions for consumers, it is all set to grab more attention and, eventually, a larger market share. Being a technological company, Bitdefender is constantly importing and advancing its technologies making them available to both home users and enterprise customers,” Zakir Hussain Rangwala added.