Bitdefender 2017 Leads Battle against Ransomware across platforms

World’s best security software leads fight against cybercrime with innovative features

Bitdefender, the innovative security software solutions provider, takes the lead in the global battle against internet threats such as ransomware with its 2017 product line for Windows, Mac OSX and Android.

The latest Bitdefender products include cloud and machine learning algorithm to eliminate the threat of ransomware, which is spreading at alarming rates among home users.  Ransomware works by locking down crucial files and photos on users’ computers to then demand a ransom for the decryption key.

Bitdefender’s 2017 line also introduces Wi-Fi Security Advisor, which assesses the security of networks that users connect to on the go, such as those in coffee shops and airports, and reports on any vulnerabilities.

Another important feature is Safepay™ with Wi-Fi Hotspot protection, which secures online transactions and keeps precious personal information safe.

“Bitdefender’s 2017 consumer line has a strategic advantage against other products, in that it was developed starting with the world’s best security software as a baseline,” said Bitdefender’s Vice President Consumer Solution, Ciprian Istrate. “This year, we have made it even better, with a greater level of protection and an extra-light impact on users’ computers.”

Experts and users have praised Bitdefender’s award-winning products for offering the best malware detection and the best performance in the industry. The 2017 consumer line uses the latest technological advancements to thwart all types of viruses, worms, Trojans, phishing, fraud and spyware, as well as hackers and sophisticated new threats.

As always, it runs feather-light to preserve system speed and battery life so users can enjoy doing what they love, knowing they are protected.

Bitdefender’s product line, which includes Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Bitdefender Internet Security and Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device, comes with powerful features such as online banking protection, protection from phishing and fraud, Password Manager, Secure Browsing and others.

Your Bitdefender Central Portal has now become your seamless operations command center to take care of all the devices in your control, allowing you to manage them if lost or stolen, scan them remotely, check their latest status, optimize their performance, and even request support directly.

Starting with the 2017 generation, you can also take photos from any of your Windows or Android devices through Bitdefender Central, which will further help you track any devices that may be lost or stolen.

And Time Machine Protection for Macs prevents others from accessing or altering your backups, making sure you can restore your system even in the event of a normally devastating ransomware attack.