Bitdefender Password Manager – Security and Proactive Defense in a Single App

Bitdefender Internet

Bitdefender Password Manager is a secure multiplatform service that gives users the tools they need to stay safe in a world rife with data breaches and the illicit sale of private data on the darknet.

People used to have just a few online accounts, so remembering a couple of passwords wasn’t that difficult. Over time, people needed more and more accounts, and the security requirements for each account either remained the same or grew more complex, with added layers. We can no longer trust human memory to effectively manage all those passwords.

The problem of passwords is complicated because most people use more than one device in their daily routines. Device synchronization becomes an issue if you create a password on one device, but you expect all other devices to know it.

The wrong way

Much of today’s security problems exist because people can’t deal with the crazy number of passwords they need to generate and remember. So, people do the next best thing: use the same passwords for all their accounts, sometimes with minor changes from one service to another.

Even if the reused password is complex and strong, a single data breach is enough to compromise all online accounts with that password. Criminals who deal with stolen credentials know that reused passwords are common, so one of their first actions is to check whether the passwords fit other online services as well.

The right way

Security specialists always recommend strong and unique passwords, but no one is expected to remember them all. That’s why Bitdefender’s Password Manager is a necessary tool in today’s world.

Now you can you stop memorizing all those passwords, plus you get to create and use passwords that meet the highest security standards, and you don’t have to care on which device you created them. Because the application is part of a secure ecosystem, it’s available on all your platforms, whether Windows, macOS, Android or iOS.

It takes criminals time to crack passwords or encrypted credentials in a database. Usually, the more complex the password, the more time it takes to brute force it. Make your password diverse enough by including special characters, numbers and uppercase letters, and brute forcing becomes virtually impossible.

Unfortunately, remembering them also becomes impossible. That’s why you should pass this job on to a password manager that can generate complex passwords and remember them for you.

Of course, because of the intrinsic value of passwords, keeping them secure is just as important as making them available to the user’s devices at a moment’s notice. That’s why Bitdefender Password Manager is equipped with the highest standard of cryptographic algorithms – AES-256-CCM, SHA512, BCRYPT, HTTPS and WSS protocols for data transmission. Moreover, all data is encrypted and decrypted locally, and only the account holder has access to the Master Password.

It stands to reason that a strong password makes for a safe account, but we mustn’t forget it also depends on the level of security of the entire system or the browser. Simply put, it doesn’t matter how good the password is if the lack of a security solution lets a criminal compromise the whole OS with, for example, a trojan malware that monitors keystrokes.

The cherry on top

While access to a cross-platform secure password manager is incredibly useful,  users can do so much more with such an application, especially when it involves private data.

The same algorithm the app uses to autofill sign-in information is helping people save credit card details. In this situation, all the credit card data is stored locally, and only the user can access it via the Master Password.

The application also helps users search for and delete password duplicates and informs the user if a data breach has revealed their sensitive data online. Password Manager constantly monitors for breaches and alerts users if their usernames, e-mails, passwords, or credit cards are exposed.

The application also uses the existing security protections from each device, such as master passwords, fingerprints or face unlock. It’s also possible to import data from other password managers, allowing users to change from another app to the Bitdefender Password Manager seamlessly.

If you add up all of these features, it’s easy to see why this new Password Manager is the only such app you’ll ever need.

Bitdefender’s Password Manager is available via subscription on Windows and macOS as an extension for most major browsers and as separate apps on iOS and Android.