Bitdefender’s Five-Step Privacy Fix Guide for Your Android Device

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Many users take security and privacy on Android-powered smartphones for granted, believing malicious software and other mobile e-threats can never compromise their devices and data.

From poor password management to careless interaction with the digital platform and mobile-based apps, smartphone users have a lot on their plate when setting up robust security and privacy protocols for their Android devices.

Let’s take a look at five steps you can take today to enhance your online security and privacy when using your Android smartphone or tablet:

Get serious about your passwords and account security

You’ve probably heard this a million times by now: faulty password hygiene can lead to some nasty stuff, including account hijacking and financial losses. The first step you can take to decrease your risks is to create unique and strong passwords for all of your accounts and enable two-factor authentication whenever possible.

There’s no cutting corners for this step – and NO – believing that scammers and cybercriminals couldn’t ever be interested in you isn’t a valid reason for skipping it. Don’t forget to set up a strong passcode or PIN code either – a first line of defense against phone loss and snoopy roommates.

How Bitdefender can help:

Bitdefender Password Manager is a multi-platform service that auto-saves, auto-fills, automatically generates, and manages your passwords for all websites and online services with the help of a single Master Password, so you no longer have to spend time typing your logins and resetting forgotten passwords.

Install a security solution to fend off malicious attacks and phishing

Installing a mobile security solution to protect your Android operating system from all new and existing e-threats is vital to safeguard your online accounts and financial information. Whether it’s spyware aiming for your data or other online threats gunning for your credit card information and e-banking credentials, this small step can bolster your overall digital security whenever you use your smartphone or tablet.

If device hijacking via malware attacks aren’t at the top of your list, let’s talk about other social engineering tactics that can target you via your smartphone. Phishing via email, text and instant messaging are among the top internet threats that Android users face today. Whether it’s a scam message out for your personal data or a bogus ad on your news feed, mobile users seem to keep falling for the same tricks over and over.

How Bitdefender can help:

Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android offers award-winning protection against malicious threats with a built-in antivirus that keeps your device safe from coin miners, spyware, credential-stealing Trojans, ransomware and other threats.

According to independent testing at AV-Comparatives, Bitdefender has a 100% protection rate with zero false positives, helping make it one of the most popular Android security solutions available today. Additionally, the new Scam Alert will notify you whenever you receive dangerous links via SMS, notifications or instant messaging apps, allowing you to easily dismiss phishing links that threaten your financial wellbeing.

Be mindful of apps you use or download

The apps you download and install on your device often ask for permission to access personal data. This can include your contacts, camera, microphone, photo album and location. While most apps need access to this info so you can benefit from its features, some applications don’t require access to your location or contacts to do their job.

Additionally, whenever you visit the app store on your Android device, you risk installing harmful apps and potentially unwanted apps that could jeopardize your data and privacy.

To secure your Android phone or tablet, make sure you:

  • Turn off unnecessary app permissions
  • Uninstall any apps you no longer use
  • Use official app stores only when searching for a new app and read the privacy policy before you commit to using it
  • Don’t sign in to apps with your social network account – the app and social media network will collect your information and use it to strengthen your digital profile for marketing and tracking purposes
  • Keep your apps updated at all times

How Bitdefender can help:

Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android offers a variety of handy features to improve privacy on your device. Our solution checks all new and existing apps for malicious behavior and even flags potentially unwanted applications and adware that targets you with aggressive pop-ups and misleading ads. You can also use the App lock feature to protect your most sensitive apps.

Use a VPN to protect your privacy at home or on the go

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can go a long way to protecting your privacy online by encrypting the internet traffic on your Android device. A VPN adds an extra layer of security when you shop online, bank or connect to public WiFi networks in cafes, hotels and airports that often lack security.

How Bitdefender can help:

Bitdefender offers an ultra-fast VPN service that keeps your identity and activities safe from snoops and malicious individuals. It encrypts all incoming and outgoing traffic on your mobile device, protecting against targeted attacks and network traffic hijacking wherever you may be.

Since we are committed to protecting your privacy, Bitdefender VPN keeps no traffic logs. You can browse and bank with peace of mind, and even access your favorite streaming apps by breaking free from regional restrictions when traveling.

Check for personal data exposure and privacy risks

The benefits of using a smart device are undoubtable. However, every interaction in the digital world, even though your smartphone, helps gather personal data on you to build an individualized consumer digital profile that marketing companies and other third parties so desire.

When your personal data is leaked due to a data breach or sloppy cyber hygiene, your identity and privacy are at risk from threat actors, online impersonators and stalkers.

How Bitdefender can help:

Getting to know the online you and assessing your privacy risks can be a cumbersome job, but don’t worry: with Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection you take control and minimize your digital footprint while staying on top of any data leaks with 24/7 data breach monitoring. Once subscribed, you get real-time alerts for privacy threats, gain an easy way to manage your privacy and ad settings on all of your favorite social media platforms, delve deep into your digital footprint, and even sniff out social media impersonators.

For complete protection and privacy on all major operating systems, including your Android phone, check out the Bitdefender Premium Security package – our 3-in-1 security and privacy package offering complete malware protection, a VPN solution with unlimited traffic and a cross-platform Password Manager.