Cybersecurity Investments To Support Work from Home. How To Spend Wisely in 2021?

  • Prioritize the right device security technologies
  • Hardening features should be enabled now
  • Services are turning into an ally for infosec teams

Budgeting season is upon us. And 2021 will come in with a different face for cybersecurity. As part of the international cybersecurity awareness month, Bitdefender has prepared a series of interviews meant to guide you as you are adjusting your cybersecurity investment areas for 2021. These will provide insights into how the new remote work model has affected your organization and how to keep threats at bay.

Interviews with Bitdefender’s lead executives for sales engineers and managed detection and response, who have been on the frontline together with their teams in the last few months, will discuss the new risks that came with organizations adopting remote workforce. Discover what key technologies you should adopt to reduce the attack surface on your remote endpoints, and learn tips on how to optimize budgets by using technologies already available or by turning to services instead of increasing headcount.

Why are more companies turning to managed detection and response during pandemic?

By Jarret Raim and Daniel Clayton, leaders of the MDR division, Bitdefender

How have infosec teams coped between keeping an eye out for opportunistic attacks during the pandemic and rethinking the cybersecurity net to incapsulate the sudden shift of endpoint remotely?

‘Companies in firefighting mode are highly focused on tactical work, making it difficult to engage in strategic actions.’

Tune in on an interview with the Founder of MDR services at Bitdefender, Jarret Raim, and VP of Global Services and Support, Daniel Clayton, in a 20-minute interview where they will be discussing:

  • What impact remote workforce has on the company security baseline
  • How the company’s security posture is influenced by risks associated with people and processes being overlooked
  • How the shift to WFH introduces more friction for employees and increases the challenges of introducing new security technologies or new security processes
  • How working from home impacts security teams in companies


Complexity Is The Enemy Of Security. How to protect your remote endpoints on the long run?

By Mark Philips, VP Sales Engineering, Bitdefender

‘Underused security products and features are now taking center stage. Decluttering and minimalism make the difference in securing remote endpoints.’ Do these hit home? They should.

This is the mindset of our customer’s infosec teams, as revealed by VP of Sales Engineering Mark Philips. We sat down with Mark and discussed what are the key trends that he and his team have uncovered during the pandemic, from working with customers infosec teams across the globe.

‘With work from home a reality, security must go with the device wherever it goes.’

Tune in to learn:

  • How niche security controls become instrumental;
  • What are the three most important security layers for companies that enable working from home;
  • How unmanaged home devices can become jump points.


Want to hear more? Tune in next week as we will release a final interview on how threats have evolved during the pandemic.