Cybersecurity Professionals Feel Threatened by the Adoption of AI and Automation Tools, Survey Finds

  • AI, machine learning and automation aid in cybersecurity
  • People feel threatened by the adoption of new technologies
  • Cybersecurity specialists recommend their field as a career option

Cybersecurity professionals fearfully look to the future as AI technologies and machine learning gain a foothold in the industry, potentially placing their jobs at risk, according to a survey from Exabeam.

Cybersecurity companies offer customers the latest technologies, including machine learning, AI technologies, and all sorts of automations to make everyone involved more comfortable and more secure. A perceived problem in this scenario is that all these technologies might eventually replace human specialists, and many people working in this field believe this scenario is likely.

A survey from Exabeam of 350 global cybersecurity specialists revealed some interesting trends and curious beliefs among people working in the industry.

“Results show that many cybersecurity professionals are ready for AI and automation tools,” the survey found. “Most professionals (86%) said that automation would improve cybersecurity, and 86% agree that SOAR solutions would help their SOC response times. Eighty-eight percent stated automation would make their job easier.”

While the fact that AI and automation in cybersecurity are a definite help is not in question, with 88 percent of respondents saying that these technologies are making their lives easier, it comes with a caveat. Forty-four percent say the same technologies are threats to their jobs.

“In comparison, 31% disagree or strongly disagree that AI or machine learning is a threat. Respondents in the manufacturing and telecommunications industries were the largest groups that said AI and machine learning are threats to their jobs,” the survey also found.

On the other hand, 85 percent of all respondents across all industries say they would recommend other people to get a career in cybersecurity. Moreover, 96 percent of professionals report that they are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their current positions, and 77 percent said they had “balanced” or “very balanced” work and life.