How Bitdefender Can Help Restore Your Privacy in the Digital Age

Bitdefender Premium Security India

Research shows that Internet users are overly confident in their ability to protect their privacy and security online. Last year, Bitdefender asked consultancy firm iSense Solutions to gauge online behaviors regarding data protection, digital identity and device management.

We found risky behavior among a majority of consumers, with 6 in 10 users facing at least one cyber threat over the course of 12 months due to data breaches, tracking, oversharing data (including password sharing), and other modern threats.

At the same time, many still shun dedicated security solutions, with some believing antivirus vendors are only after their money. Just 11% of respondents in the study could be described as ‘secure’ in terms of their cybersecurity practices.

Bitdefender technologies and solutions are tailored with security and privacy by design, catering to all your digital needs, whether you’re a social media aficionado, e-shopper, gamer or casual user.

You don’t need to go completely online or ditch your smart devices to restore your privacy. From online tracking to scary e-threats and social media impersonators, Bitdefender offers a comprehensive lineup of security and privacy solutions for all:

A full security suite

Malicious software that infiltrates your computer or smart device can lead to serious privacy risks and compromise of personal data. Bitdefender Total Security protects your locally stored data from cybercrooks and malicious individuals with advanced threat detection mechanisms that detect and block even the most invasive and damaging of e-threats, such as ransomware.

Our full security suite is compatible with all major operating systems to ensure that your Windows, Android, macOS and iOS devices remain malware-free. Besides fending off new and existing threats, anti-phishing and anti-fraud technologies immediately block all known infected links and any websites that may try to scam you.

More digital freedom with Bitdefender VPN

Adding a VPN to your digital toolkit can enhance both your privacy and security by encrypting and redirecting your network traffic. Bitdefender VPN lets you anonymize your internet connection so that third parties, including your ISP, won’t be able to see your browsing habits. It even lets you bypass geo-restrictions to access your favorite streaming websites and platforms.

For an uninterrupted and track-free browsing experience, Bitdefender VPN offers a built-in ad-blocker and anti-tracker module for Windows operating systems that are easily toggled to suit your browsing.

Say goodbye to poor online password management

Storing passwords directly in your browser can be risky, especially if your device is compromised by malicious actors, or if you share the device.

Bitdefender’s Password Manager is a multi-platform tool that uses the strongest known cryptographic algorithms to help you store and manage all of your online passwords. Using the dedicated password manager tool you can create strong and complex passwords that meet the highest security standards whether you’re using Windows, macOS, Android or iOS.

Logins are easily managed with the help of a single master password, while the autofill option simplifies the management of online identities. Your privacy is our main concern, and all data will be encrypted locally so nobody else has access to it. Bitdefender Password Manager even helps secure your online shopping experience, protecting your credit card details from prying eyes.

Privacy status checkup and cleanup of your digital identity

Exposed and unmanaged digital identities carry far-reaching implications when it comes to your online privacy. Whether it’s sharing too much information or falling victim to a data breach, your financial wellbeing could be at risk unless you adopt a solid cyber hygiene regime, including figuring out the extent of your digital identity and associated privacy risks.  Malicious individuals often benefit from your oversharing, affecting your online privacy, reputation and finances.

Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection lets you take control and minimize your digital footprint. Stay on top of data breaches and leaks with 24/7 data breach monitoring, real-time alerts for privacy threats, and even manage your privacy and ad settings on all of your favorite social media platforms. The dedicated privacy tool finds your private information online, in legal and illegal collections of data, and one-click action items that allow you to close down any threat to your privacy.

On top of visualizing a map of your digital footprint that lets you steer clear of personal data exposure and privacy risks, you can also hunt down any social media impersonators who can harm you emotionally or ruin your reputation.

Check out Bitdefender Premium Security, our brand new 3-in-1 security and privacy pack to benefit from uninterrupted malware protection alongside a VPN solution and cross-platform Password Manager to cover your security and privacy needs. If your digital footprint requires a bit more TLC, take a look at Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection to stay on top of data breaches and learn more about your digital persona.