How Bitdefender Protects You from Ransomware (Part 2)

Ransomware attacks are among the greatest security threats we face in the digital world, a trend that has continued to expand and grow in sophistication over the past years. The threat actor’s goal is simple: Find an opportunistic target and lure it into accessing, downloading or installing malicious software onto their device so it can encrypt user files and prevent them from accessing the system.

The victims then reach the all-too-familiar endgame of whether or not to pay a ransom.

Can you put a price on your data?

Most personal data on our devices consists of precious memories and financial information. However, as our kitchens and living rooms have turned into a home office, our devices also hold sensitive work materials and documents we cannot afford to lose.

How do you ensure the best protection for your files and data?

Bitdefender anti-ransomware technologies eliminate the ransomware threat by preventing malicious infections from reaching your device and encrypting your data. Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) continuously monitor all applications running on your systems, inhibiting any file-encrypting behavior from compromising your files. The ATD is designed to neutralize any suspicious process by hunting threat-like actions. Suppose an application attempts to modify host files, inject in other process, disable anti-malware software installed on your device or create startup keys. In that case, the ATD declares the process malicious and stops it from damaging the system.

This innovative proactive detection technology uses advanced heuristic methods to detect known and new ransomware strains in real time, blocking malicious actions, such as file encryption, before they start. Moreover, ATD shares intelligence with Bitdefender’s Global Protective Network to stop even the newest ransomware and exploits and notifies you each time potentially malicious processes and cyber threats are detected.

An additional proactive anti-ransomware security feature ensures that folders containing sensitive documents and files are not lost if a ransomware attack manages to bypass all other security layers. The Ransomware Remediation module allows you to restore critical files and data encrypted by ransomware. If malicious software attempts to encrypt files on your device, a backup of the targeted files will be automatically created, allowing you to restore them with just a few clicks.

The security shortcomings of our devices and systems pose a greater threat than ever, with security breaches and malicious attacks ramping up new victims daily. Secure and protect your data today by choosing a security solution prepared to defend your private data against new and existing threats.