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VB conference is an international cybersecurity event hosted by Virus Bulletin, a well-regarded security information portal, testing and certification body that provides independent intelligence about the latest developments in the global threat landscape. This year’s conference, VB2022, takes place September 28 – 30, 2022 in Prague, Czech Republic. The event features an international line-up of speakers including cybersecurity experts, threat researchers, and industry leaders sharing their knowledge on the latest threats, new developments, and techniques with the security community.

Join Bitdefender at VB2022 as we explore the latest advancements in threat intelligence and how security professionals can use it to make their organizations more cyber resilient. Cristina Vatamanu, Senior Team Lead in the Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab at Bitdefender will present on how organizations can manage the risk of unknown threats through data-driven threat intelligence.

Learn about Bitdefender advanced threat intelligence

Bitdefender will be at VB2022 with a team of product experts, security researchers, and representatives from our Technology Licensing team discussing  how organizations can leverage Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence to gain contextual, real-time intelligence into the global threat landscape. Used properly, threat intelligence provides security analysts insights that can change their position from reactive (doing damage control after an attack has occurred, without fully understanding the attack extent or severity) to proactive: prioritizing response actions, reducing noise, improving defenses, patching exploitable vulnerabilities, matching defense efforts to the threat severity and detecting low-profile infiltration and exfiltration attempts.

Many organizations today have limited visibility and telemetry outside their own environments. They lack the context needed to understand the potential risk and impact of prevalent cyber-attacks occurring around the world. This leads to less effective detection and mitigation. To stay up to date on evolving threats, as well as the threat actors and their motivations, organizations need operational and tactical threat intelligence. Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence provides extended visibility into the global threat landscape, ability to monitor the activity of threat actors before they impact your organization, and rich context into threats as they are occurring.

What attendees will learn at VB2022

Attendees at VB2022 will learn how Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence uses intelligence centered around the threats themselves, rather than mere indicators of compromise (IoCs), provides important context such as Threat Actor Attribution, MITRE Steps mapping, behavioral detection details, geographic coverage and preferred platform typology of the victims. The solution provides scoring, confidence and popularity rankings to help security analysts understand the severity, certainty and prevalence of threats as they are occurring around the globe.

First-hand, contextual, and up-to-date insights from Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence help organizations detect malware and abnormal activity in their environments while providing actionable insights to help accelerate and guide response actions. Unlike other threat intelligence feeds that focus on just one type of intelligence, Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence provides technical, tactical, operational and strategic CTI.

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Learn more by meeting with Bitdefender at VB2022 or contacting us at With today’s advanced threats, organizations need actionable threat intelligence to stand a fighting chance.

Discover how to strengthen security and become more cyber resilient with Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence today.