Most Common IoT Devices Paint a Picture Influenced by the Pandemic

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The total number of IoT devices in a regular home is somewhat of a mystery because not everyone knows or realizes how smart their lives have become. But one thing is sure: smartphones remain the most-used IoT device in many households, even as many people don’t think of their phone as an IoT device.

An IoT device sounds a lot like a smart washing machine or thermostat, but the name itself encapsulates and lot more. Internet of Things means just that — any device connected to the internet. That can mean a computer, a phone or even a watch.

What people don’t often realize is that they already live in a smart home. The transition wasn’t sudden. It’s not like you buy a particular device, and your house suddenly becomes intelligent. It’s a process that includes all types of hardware accumulated over time.

Inventory and updates

A complete inventory of the smart devices we have in our homes is something we should do more often. We might be surprised by how much tech we have and dismayed by how vulnerable it really is. Knowing what devices we use every day is just the first step in securing our homes.

Once we know how many IoT devices we have, we can begin another largely ignored operation — updating everything with the latest security patches. When’s the last time you checked if your router has an update? Exactly!

Fortunately, Bitdefender and its IoT Security Platform, which is already deployed on numerous intelligent routers out there, are in a unique position to see what types of devices people use daily. Smartphones occupy almost 40% of the market, but that’s not really a surprise to anyone.

The most common devices paint a picture of people working from home, with tablets, computers and laptops coming next. What’s surprising is the large number of smartwatches present, at almost 5%. Other common hardware includes streaming devices, game consoles, speakers and printers.

The conclusion is simple. Take a good look around you and try to determine what IoT devices you have lying around. Getting a smart home is easy, but having a secure home is much more difficult.

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