Spotify Hit by Yet Another Data Leak

Spotify is now dealing with a third security incident in the span of a couple of months after account registration data was mistakenly exposed to some of the company’s business partners.

The music streaming company is going through a rough patch, with yet another security incident involving its users’ private data. Just a few weeks ago, threat actors used login credentials from a third party in a massive credential-stuffing attack, compromising over 300,000 user accounts. And after that, the service had to deal with a security breach affecting its offering for artists.

“Spotify discovered a vulnerability in our system that inadvertently exposed your Spotify account registration information, which may have included email address, your preferred display name, password, gender, and date of birth only to certain business partners of Spotify,” said the company. “Spotify did not make this information publicly accessible. We estimate that this vulnerability existed as of April 9, 2020 until we discovered it on November 12, 2020, when we took immediate steps to correct it.”

While that the company said it believes the leaked information hasn’t been used and won’t be used, it did urge users to change the passwords of all other online accounts if the credentials are shared with other online services.

Unfortunately for Spotify, security researchers found private data from their services on the dark web. In 2019, police in Australia arrested a man who allegedly made AU $300,000 (US $211,000) running a website that sold account passwords of popular online subscription services, including Spotify.

Many users share credentials on multiple online services, making Spotify and other similar platforms prime targets for similar attacks. The best course of action for users is to change their passwords, again, even if there’s no indication so far that the data leak hit the dark web.