Technology Providers: Would You Rather be Blockbuster or Netflix?

Be the voice of authority by tracking market trends for your audience Connect content with action; help them see the why and how to act Failing to respond to mark shifts can have devastating consequences

This blog post was authored by Michael Reeves, CISSP, Cloud and MSP Security Architect

As the technology market continues to shift so must the strategies we use to offer and promote these technologies. In this blog, I’ll offer some marketing advice that helps you combine your technical expertise as the voice of authority you bring to your customers with a dose of urgency and call to action. It all hinges on them seeing the value of the content you share.

Content must be relevant and timely.

As a value-added service provider, you want to offer your customers the ease of knowing you are well-informed regarding the latest trends, not just in the technology, but in what organizations and users demand. Tracking, understanding and reporting on market trends can be a great way for them to see that you are forward-thinking. The solutions you offer are more than what they need at this moment. They will serve them into the future, and customers can trust your ongoing advice.

Decisions are calculated by metrics.

Provide data that substantiates your claims and shows them why their purchasing decisions make sense. Help them to see what other similar organizations are doing and how their technology choices can help them be more efficient, and nimble. Show them the data which informs their choices, and chart for them the roadmap for them to get them from where their technology is now, to where they need to be in the future.

Illustrate the consequences of a failure to act.

The failure to act can be just as devastating as a wrong decision in some cases. Case in point: Blockbuster video stores. Blockbuster failed to take note of market trends and act accordingly. Physical storefronts and duplicate inventory management was replaced with a more efficient online model, and eventually a pay-as-you-go subscription model by the new player Netflix. Blockbuster stores went bankrupt and closed. Netflix thrived, and expanded into a fully integrated entertainment solution provider.

As technology continues to evolve, providers too must watch the market trends closely. Stay abreast of how technology-migration informs your own business models and continue to educate your customers on how they can stay ahead of the curve.

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