The New EDR and Platform Enhancements from Bitdefender

The last major release of the year brings on November 17, 2020 a new product and important enhancements:

  • Bitdefender Endpoint Detection and Response is a new EDR product that can coexist with any third-party endpoint security solution
  • GravityZone gets a new executive dashboard and an enhanced SIEM connector
  • All EDR products now feature custom EDR detection rules capability

Cybersecurity is in a permanent state of flux. Continuous product improvements and brand new solutions are needed to effectively protect businesses and their digital assets. Bitdefender’s last major technical release of 2020 brings novel solutions and important enhancements for the GravityZone family.

The new Bitdefender EDR

Complementing the integrated Prevent-Detect-Response GravityZone Ultra solution, Bitdefender takes a fresh new approach to EDR. To reduce the pain of replacing a pre-installed endpoint security solution, we are making our EDR technology available as a stand-alone product that allows customers to run Bitdefender EDR alongside third-party prevention technologies.

The new EDR package is lighter in resource use and fully cloud delivered to reduce deployment effort. Uniquely in the EDR space, it leverages all the threat detection capabilities that have made Bitdefender a leading endpoint security solution for many years.

Bitdefender EDR can be ordered starting December 2nd 2020. To be among the first to see this solution in full operation and to learn more on the features and benefits of this new package, join our live webinar on December 2nd.

GravityZone Enhancements

To meet the reporting needs of security directors and executive officers, the GravityZone platform gets a brand-new executive dashboard. This displays the key information a decision maker needs in an easy-to-use, consolidated graphical representation. It covers two key areas: first, the threat detections alongside automatic actions taken and, second, the current endpoint inventory.

We are also enhancing the integration with SIEMs by enabling the forwarding of raw / system events from protected endpoints. The new feature, available for both cloud and on-premise deployments, lets customers search through raw endpoint data with the help of a SIEM. This complements the search capability embedded in the EDR product.

The last key enhancement brings custom detection rules for all EDR solutions (integrated and stand-alone). These allow customers to configure the EDR platform to detect events specific to their environments. The use cases include – but are not limited to – specific IT environment architecture, special software or strict regulations.

To learn about the new features and enhancements, please check the public release notes here.