Zero-Day Razer Bug Lets Non-Admin Windows Users Gain SYSTEM Privileges

A security researcher has found that Razer peripherals suffer from a nasty flaw that allows any user to plug in the vendor’s gaming gear and easily escalate their privileges to the SYSTEM layer.

The researcher, jonhat, Tweeted that by simply plugging in a Razer mouse (or the dongle of a wireless peripheral), Windows automatically downloads and executes RazerInstaller as SYSTEM.

As avid Windows users will know, this can happen even if the current user doesn’t have administrator rights on the computer.

The installation wizard allows users to specify the folder where they wish to install the driver. To escalate their privileges, the user simply has to Shift – right click on the dialog box and choose “Open PowerShell window here.” From here on, the user can run anything as admin (not just Razer software), including malware.

The researcher released a proof-of of-concept video showing how the flaw can be easily exploited using the steps described above.

Furthermore, an attacker can gain persistence using the controllable path method to save a malicious service binary on the local host, jonhat tweeted.

He claims Razer failed to respond to his discovery so he decided to released it publicly. Shortly thereafter, Razer contacted the researcher with the promise of a fix and a bug-bounty reward – despite jonhat publicly disclosing the issue.

Some researchers, like Will Dormann at CERT, believe there are many similar products out there that suffer from the same flaw, considering that many vendors automatically load software when their products are plugged in.